AI in Industry 4.0

AI in Industry 4.0
May 20, 2019 Comments Off on AI in Industry 4.0 News restartadmin

In its present concept, Industry 4.0 is a combination of quite a few technologies: Cloud, Big Data, Cyber Security, Mobile Solutions, Artificial Intelligence and the list goes on. Amongst the ones we just mentioned, there is a technology and in fact a whole science, dedicated to making human life much easier i.e. Artificial Intelligence (AI). Perhaps the first thing you imagine when you here AI is the face of the Terminator, but is actually much more than that. Actually, the very term Artificial Intelligence has been around since 1955 ( and needless to say, it has gone a long way ever since. Today AI can be a distinctive advantage for many business owners, especially the Industry 4.0 enthusiasts. So, what are some of the areas in which AI can provide more value for organizations? For example, AI can help your business to run a more efficient transaction processes, simplify your production cycle or provide you with powerful insights about your customer’s behavior and help you create products which they are more likely to buy in the future. AI can mimic human intelligence and thus, give you the operational efficiency you need when the time to make a complex business decision has come. But how does AI work? Simply put, AI is a computer program which is coded to provide a certain solution to a problem based on the data it is given. AI can also use exhaustive amounts of data to create algorithms, improve algorithms overtime based on if it has achieved its goal, map results and recognize patterns and thus become “smarter”. This part of AI is called machine learning. To gain a better idea of how advanced AI is today, we could also mention IMB Watson’s ability to compose symphonies or diagnose cancer. Amazing right?

Interested in learning more about AI? Read IBM’s white paper ( written for business leaders looking for practical advice on how to leverage (AI) for their organizations. Also, for all you robot fans out there, check out this video ( from Boston Dynamics (which will probably make your eyebrows pop) in case you haven’t seen it already.